Puustudio is a learning environment for design and acrhitecture students.

Designers’ Village (DV)

Pro Puu association has made an initiative to establish wood innovation activities in Lahti. Designers’ Village –program is designed to serve as a research and development material for wood and construction industry. It also helps different kinds of professional schools in their educational goals when the students are involved in the whole process and they get vital practical experience.
The program targets to create new products that can be commercialized. The themes of the design tasks are need – based.

In the start of the project, year 2014, there were groups of students from wood technology, architecture and design from different schools around Finland. Each of the groups were given their own project within Messilä area and they planned and executed their wood structures in workshops in August 2014.

The aim of Pro Puu is that the Designers’ village event becomes annual. The materials and tools for the project were sponsored by co-operative partners.

Visit Designers’ Village, official web site

Other educational projects:

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  • Arboretum -tree path
  • Arc of joinery -exhibition
  • Workshops – Designers’ Village and Woodism