The idea of Woodism is to design and make furniture and small objects of park and garden trees and thus continue the tree’s tale by designing a new life for it.

Park and garden trees, often with crooked trunks, partly rotten and sometimes containing nails are not fit for sawmill industry. Woodism saves the trees from the chipping unit, saws, stacks and dries them up. This enables the versatile use of the wood material. A branch, a crack, an unusual fibre pattern or a bark edge may be an inspiration for design. These irregularities are allowed to show in the result, because they create the individual character of the objects.

The use of waste wood, the measured processing of the material, the environment friendly finishing agent and sustainable design make Woodism items ecological.

What is Woodism?

Woodims manufactures furniture from trees that have been felled in public parks and private yards – these trees get a new life.

This is not mass production, we want to make use of small individualistic faults or patterns in the material to reflect the story of the tree. We want to make modern heritage furniture that will last a long time and the story will go with it. We think the material should be local, people have strong emotional ties to the trees in their immediate surroundings. We manufacture our models out of local material – that is our ISM.

We are a group of designers and carpenters and our goal is to get the most utility out of this ecological material. We have fun together.

Here You can look unique Woodism-products.