Pro Puu Association

Pro Puu Association was founded in 1997, in Lahti Finland. It is a modern guild of wood professionals. The members of Pro Puu, with three honorary members, are cabinetmakers, designers and architects. Craftsmen and designers interested in the goals and objectives of the association may apply for membership. The members of Pro Puu, counting over 60 today are all wood professionals of their trade.

Main Goals of Pro Puu:

  • to act as a link between craftsmen and designers
  • to improve craftsmanship, internal quality control and networking among professionals
  • to preserve traditional woodworking techniques and craftsmanship, while developing them as modern business practices
  • to promote the use of Finnish wood in furniture, interiors and buildings.

Pro Puu was granted the 2001 Designer of the Year award by Ornamo, The Finnish Association of Designers.

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