The international Spirit of Nature Wood Architecture Award has been granted every second year to an architecturally distinguished individual or group. The award recipient has been chosen by a jury of international experts.

The Wood Architecture Park is being constructed in the vicinity of the Sibelius Hall in Lahti. The park will consist of buildings and structures designed by the winners of the International Spirit of Nature Wood Architecture Award.

The designs are important public works of art that provide aesthetic experiences and enliven the park area, thus significantly enhancing the quality of living.

Developed structures:


 Kengo Kuma

The Illuminated Canopy with a slatted construction serves the visitors to the Sibelius Hall. The northern light falls through the narrow wooden slats, and light and shadow vary throughout the day and night.The nighttime illumination of the canopy symbolizesthe aurora borealis.


Richard Leplastrier

The Wooden Spiral consists of four blocks of stone topped by a spiralling grid of logs. The massive logs laid across each other form an association with the history of the surroundings: boards stored in piles, but also more generally with traditional finnish log constructions.


Gert Wingårdh

The building was designed by one of the most renowned architects in the Nordic countries, Gert Wingårdh from Sweden. His design echoes and celebrates the work of Italian Renzo Piano, recipient of the 2000 Spirit of Nature Wood Architecture Award.


Hermann Kauffman

The octagonal and spirally sweeping Changing Hut serves visitors to the Lahti’s Ankkuri beach. The building has changing rooms for men and women. The solar panels glowing on the roof produce the lighting for the changing hut.


José Cruz Ovalle

José Cruz Ovalle has designed a resting place, which is to be located in front of Vesijärvi’s embankment dock. The resting place is built as an open cube and it combines a sculptural shape with the beauty of wood.


Erkko Aarti

The Wooden Pavilion, located in Lahti Mukkula old manor park, is an undulating complex curtain structure 17 meters in length. The structure of the pavilion is formed by eight elements of planks connected with steel bars. The elements are locked together with a finger joint in between of the roof beams. The pavilion form a sequence of intimate spaces varying in size and atmosphere. Similarly, the level of transparency through the structure is different depending on the viewing angle.