PuuProffa was established in 2004. It is a site dedicated to collecting information about wood and wood related industries. It’s hosted by Pro Puu.

PuuProffa concentrates on the perspective of carpentry and wood architecture. To put it simply, the site is about good and bad uses of wood in construction, interior decoration and production of furniture and other items.

You will find information about finnish tree species, their composition, growth characteristics, qualities and usage. The whole journey of lumber from the forest to furniture. The right methods of logging, milling and storing are important to preserve the best quality lumber. Good quality lumber can be processed with right techniques, glues and surface treatments to durable items, pieces of furniture and construction elements.

You can find living and growing trees in Arboretum, right next to Pro puu –center. During the 100 year anniversary of Lahti, Pro Puu -association wanted to exhibit the venerable trees of the central park who have seen the city grow for many years. This idea laid the foundation for the Kariniemi arboretum -trail. The trail exhibits different species of trees in Pikku-Vesijärvi park and in the Kariniemi grove hill, which are known for their diverse and lush vegetation.

Main Goals of Pro Puu is to promote the use of Finnish wood in furniture, interiors and buildings