PRO PUU-center

Satamakatu 2 A,
15140 Lahti, Finland

tel. +358 50 321 2667

Markku Tonttila
tel. +358 400 770 345



Pro Puu –center is open
Mon-Fri 10-17, Sat 10-14

Pro Puu –center is closed
Sundays and Holidays
1.1. New Year 6.1. Epiphany
2.-5.4. Easter,
1.5. May Day, 13.5. Holy Thursday
25.-27.6. Mid Summer,
6.11. All hallows
6.12. Independece day, 24.-26.12. Christmas

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There are parking areas in the Lahti Vesijärvi Harbour area.
We have couple of parking place just infront of Pro Puu –center. There You need to have a parking permit, ask it from the shop.

There is a stair in the Pro Puu’s main entrance door, but we have also an accessible door, which you can use if you have a wheelchair or rollator.
There is no elevator to the Attic gallery, only stairs.