The Gallery shop offers a fine selection of items which represent modern Finnish wood design. Innovation, quality and ethical issues have been the main criteria in the selection of the items. Pro Puu -shop has a wide variety of the best products of Finnish carpentry and design.

We supply our products also by mail. Further inquiries and orders by email at galleria(a)

Please mention in your mail
• the desired product and the quantity
• your name, address, email and telephone number

We will contact you to check details, if needed. We will take contact to you also, if the product in question is not available.

We will send you order confirmation, which shows the sum including transmission costs and payment information. The products will be sent, when the payment has been received.

Manufacturers in Pro Puu  shop: AprilMai, Antiikki- ja taidekirjat, Arkheen, Design Element, Ebonia Design, Eevan Koripaja, Emalipuu, Tuohi Muori, Puusorvaamo Fors, Mauno Hartman, Hile Design, Juupaja, Tapio Kangasniemi, Kimalainen, Kirjakaari, Tarja Korhonen, Kureeri, Kuva & Mieli, Jouko Kärkkäinen, Suomen Laatupuukko, Lahden Museot, Lempi Väri, Maahenki, Majamoo, Miwa Ishizuka, Muoto2, Muotoverstas, Pekan Lintu, Pieni Karhu, Petri Polso, Private Case, Puiden Kansa, Puine, Punkalive, Ranka, Tina Shukla, Sloyd, Solasaippua, Sorvipiste, Studio Halmetoja, Studio Halonen, Talla, Tuiskulan kotikolo, Valona, Veico, Veilapuu, Verso Design, Verstas2, Woodloop ja Äijälä.