Information Services

Pro Puu Center has in fact become a  helpdesk of wood information and assistance. The site is very accessible, and people are increasingly making use of it.  With phones and especially with the Internet, the number of contacts is running in hundreds per month.

To cope with the demand for information and to utilize the silent knowledge base of its members, Pro Puu is building an Internet based wood information resource "PuuProffa" ("WoodProf") at You can find the service now also in English.



Events and Projects

Pro Puu has been actively and innovatively trying to find ways of making  contacts between wood professionals and the everyday users of wood. A great succes from the beginning has been the "Spring Day Sawing", a chance for the people to have the timber from their backyards to be assessed and treated by wood professionals.



Pro Puu is a frequent participant in fairs and events.